1. Internal Medicine Insider is an exclusive research panel. Participation is by invitation only.
  2. Only one person per email address can be registered as an Internal Medicine Insider.
  3. Participation in the Internal Medicine Insider research panel is voluntary and solely at the participant’s discretion.
  4. There is absolutely no cost to participate in the Internal Medicine Insider research panel. In fact, we reward you for your time when you complete our surveys.
  5. Although your I-points can be redeemed for rewards valued at cash-equivalent prices, your account has no cash value. Your I-points cannot be transferred or combined with any other Internal Medicine Insider’s account. You are limited to one account per individual.
  6. Choosing not to participate in a particular survey will not affect your panel participation as long as you do not skip three consecutive survey invitations. After three refusals, you will be asked if you want to be removed from the panel.
  7. We will maintain selected demographic information in your panelist profile so that we can send surveys that correspond to your personal interests and specific qualifications.
  8. Your identity and the replies you give are completely confidential. Your personal information will not be released to any person, company or organization without your permission.
  9. Information obtained from Internal Medicine Insider surveys may be incorporated into public reports and presentations and may be shared with other organizations from time to time. However, this information and data will be provided in aggregate only and at no time will your identity or personal information be attributed to any specific responses.
  10. Participants may remain on the panel for a total of four years. After two years, you can decide whether you’d like to continue for an additional two years. Once you have participated for four years, you will be asked to retire from the panel.
  11. If you would like to unsubscribe from the panel at any time simply click on the link "Cancel Participation".

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